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JUst figured I'd share this:

2009-01-11 23:39:46 by Zyclone

I'm writing fanfics. When I have the time.

Take time to read some of them, tell me what you think.

Finally Sixteen!

2008-12-20 14:59:37 by Zyclone

So I FINALLY turned 16.

....only 2 more years..


2008-01-06 11:23:50 by Zyclone

So my MJOLNIR is complete. If anyone reads this, please post ideas for my upcoming Freeware RPG.

(Release Date: TBA 2008)

Yeah... Fuck this S**T!

2007-09-30 15:27:48 by Zyclone

So, I'm giving up on flash to start making my own MJOLNIR mark VI armor...
K, thx BYE.

Umm.. Yeah...

2007-08-31 06:42:27 by Zyclone

So I got a little mad with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, so i switched to another program,
and started working on my first flash!
It hasn't got a name yet, but expect it in a few months...

Started Learning Flash...

2007-08-28 13:12:40 by Zyclone

So, today I started learning Flash...
It's pretty darn difficult...
I'm using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional...
Soo, there will propably be some of my works here on NG...
See ya!